About Sportlete

Sportlete is a startup reinventing recreational sports. Our vision is to make recreational sports more competitive, more convenient and more fun. We currently have 3 members on the team and their roles are business development, technology development and a graphics designer.

Matchmaking for sports - The web application takes the sport, age, skill level, # of players and location of a group of friends and matches them up with another group with similar attributes. We took the matchmaking system online video games use and applied it to recreational sports.

Compete against other groups of friends - Your squad vs their squad. Stop playing against the same friends over and over. Stop playing boring games where skill levels are uneven. We match teams using a complex algorithm that maximizes your skill improvement and the competitiveness of each game.

Convenience - We know you're busy. We know your schedule is unpredictable. We made it so you don't have to commit 4-8 months of your life to a team. We allow you to take it one game at a time.

Marketing and Social Media Specialist

The Role

Sportlete is looking for a marketing and social media intern to join our team.

Your main role is to increase publicity through real life interactions, build the community by engaging with our users and establish Sportlete as a brand in the world of social media.

Your tasks will include but are not limited to:
  • Social Media Strategy - Organize online events and contests, manage our twitter account and write blog posts
  • Street Marketing - Organize guerrilla marketing strategies and plan/develop creative campaigns
  • Recruit - You will be in charge of recruiting other ambassadors in selected regions. This includes finding candidates, interviewing candidates and making final recruiting decisions
You are:
  • Extroverted - You live and breathe through social interaction with others
  • Driven - You have an ambition to succeed
  • Sports - You love sports
  • Learn - You will gain real world experience in online marketing, social media and project management
  • Network - Connect with leading tech start-ups, journalists and multi-national sporting companies (Nike, Adidas)
  • Opportunity - You will have an opportunity to join our team full time as top management. We will also be selecting from this pool to take on the role of City Manager whereby you will be in charge of managing a number of ambassadors.

To apply, submit your resume to careers@sportlete.com

Front-end Developer

The Role

As the first front-end developer to join the team, you will play an instrumental role in growing this company from the ground up. Investors and the community have already expressed strong interest in the features we are building and we will be looking to you to take on a leadership role as we hire more developers.

Your tasks will include but are not limited to:
  • Coding - HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Product - Create the design and functionality of the application
  • Team - Liaise our graphic designer and back-end developers
You are:
  • Technology - You live and breathe technology. HTML, CSS and Javascript make you smile
  • Design - You have an eye for design
  • Driven - You have the ambition to succeed
  • Real World Experience - You will gain real world experience in front end development
  • Network - You will connect with the leading startups in the community
  • Opportunity - You will have an opportunity to join our team full time. Yes, this includes a salary, benefits, bonuses and stock options.

To apply, submit your resume to careers@sportlete.com