About Us

Matchmaking for sports - Sportlete is a web application that takes the sport, age, skill level, # of players and location of groups of friends and matches them up with another group with similar attributes.
Compete against other groups of friends - Your squad vs their squad. Stop playing against the same friends over and over and begin playing against other groups.
Improve your game - No more boring games where one team is way worse or better than another. We match your group up based on very specific skill levels to maximize your skill improvement and the competitiveness of each game.

Our Team

Alexander Brown
Backend Development

Christopher Huang
Business and Product Development

IDewa Gde Widipratama
Graphics Development

Lakhveer Jajj
Technology Development

Tulio Monte Azul
Frontend Development

They created Sportlete to explore the opportunities when technology is used to enhance the sporting experience. Located in Toronto, the team shares a passion to make playing sports more competitive, more convenient and more fun.